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II. What is the Organogram of Mavishaa? 2017-08-24T10:34:24+00:00

Mavishaa consists of a huge team of experienced and expert managers, employees, workers, quality controllers and researchers. A dedicated team of 150 members run this private firm with greater efficiency and quite successfully since its birth. Well trained and well constructed management team plans and executes every single function of the organization and leads towards greater achievements through attaining step by step goals.

What other services does Mavishaa provide? 2017-08-24T10:27:50+00:00

Mavishaa is well reputed for their regular communications and consultancy services that it offer their valued customers. We also cordially listen and try our best to serve our customers if they appear with any unsatisfactory results. Moreover, we run a regular customer satisfaction survey to develop our services and product quality and serve our customers exactly that what they expect to be served.

What is the pricing method? 2017-08-24T10:27:14+00:00

Mavishaa can assure you of the best comparative price available in the market. We charge single price per unit to have a fair competition. This method also helps our customers to place their orders if they are going to purchase fewer units. Destination of shipments also affects the total cost.

IV. How many products I can order at a time? 2017-08-24T10:26:34+00:00

Mavishaa is glad to declare that we can serve up to 1 million pieces of any category of RMG products at a time. We can also provide limited number of sample pieces to make your way smooth to take better decisions regarding your order placement and price comparison.

III. What is the product range? 2017-08-24T10:36:11+00:00

We have a wide range of products which includes men’s wear, women’s wear and kids’ clothing. You can find the details of products we offer on the home page.

II. How do I get my products? 2017-08-24T10:38:44+00:00

There are a number of options through which we deliver our products. We recommend delivering through air or international shipping or international parcel delivery systems.

I. How do I order? 2017-08-24T10:35:10+00:00

It’s very simple to place your order. You can simply choose from our product categories displayed on our website and place orders for your desired products in desired quantities. To order customized designed products you can send clear photos or sample pictures in any form, and mention the quantity of your products along with a convenient date on which you want to get your shipment.

IV. What is the Mission of Mavishaa? 2017-08-24T10:34:54+00:00

Mavishaa is devoted to use all its resources to establish a successful business worldwide as a buying house and agent.

III. What is the Vision of Mavishaa? 2017-08-24T10:34:42+00:00

Mavishaa wants to establish a global business network where it can serve with superior quality products and establish a strong long term bonding with the valued global customers.

I. What is Mavishaa? 2017-08-24T10:33:39+00:00

Mavishaa is a Bangladesh based buying house who exports RMG products made in Bangladesh. We also take orders of customized designed products and provide A Category replica of world famous fashion wears.