About Us

With the hope of doing something remarkable, we started Mavishaa in October 2010 as a team of two people. Within a short time, we made this start-up a great success. Now, we are a team of ten people trying to add more value to this accomplishment. And, there is always room for new talents.
We always have a friendly atmosphere in our workspace so that we can work efficiently. We believe that if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. That’s how we were able to stand out among the other competitors.

From November 2020, we have been working on our own projects. Now, we are going to shine with our own color and take our team to the next level.

Md Mahiuddin
CEO & Founder
Sayma Akter
Billal Hossain
Lead Software Engineer

What we are obsessed with 😊

  • Working creatively.
  • Looking for every piece of detail.
  • Doing more & more research on the topic.
  • Experimenting with new thoughts.
  • Surpass our expectations.
  • Making writing fun and informative.
  • Exploring the unknown.
  • Laughing on inside jokes.
  • Begging for birthday treats.

What we dislike the most 😡

  • Coming late to the workplace.
  • Egoistic behavior with colleagues.
  • Not meeting the deadlines.
  • Compromising the quality of work.
  • Giving false information on our writing.
  • Copying the style of others.
  • Resisting ourselves from eating cakes.

Clients Feedback

As a team of Mavishaa, we have many tremendous achievements. Our goal is to satisfy the clients and deliver the best. Each of our clients was pleased with our service from the beginning to this date. Till now, we have served more than 400 clients and worked 45,000+ hours. And, thankfully, we have been top-rated on UpWork and growing stronger each day.